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Jack Dorsey, drummer, is a native New Yorker who arrived on the San Francisco music scene in 1968.

He has performed and recorded internationally with such diverse artists as; Little Anthony, Macy Blackman, The Coasters, The Crests, Jose Feliciano, Bobby Freeman, Etta Jones, Ed Kelly, Buddy Miles, The Oakland Jazz Choir, Denise Perrier, Khalil Shaheed, Lavay Smith, and Jimmy Witherspoon.

Jack has recorded numerous television theme scores, commercials and motion picture soundtracks for 20th Century Fox, Zoetrope, and Skywalker Ranch. He has performed drums & percussion for SF theatre productions including Gary Trudeau’s Rap Master Ronnie.

He's taught the basics of drums and rhythm throughout the SF School Dist. with the SF Symphony’s Adventures in Music Program, in East Bay schools with Michael Morgan, Conductor of the Oakland East Bay Symphony, and continues to teach and perform with the Oaktown Jazz Workshop.

Jack has been the Mighty Fines' drummer since the band's inception in 2003.