"Boogie Woogie Blue Plate", from Friskin' the Whiskers
Macy Blackman and the Mighty Fines

Friskin' the Whiskers CD Cover

Been busy getting this CD together. And all our hard work has been rewarded.

Friskin' the Whiskers is more than a little different from our usual fare. It was conceived of as a record for swing dancing, but itís so expertly done by the Mighty Fines that it makes for great listening - even if you just SIT THERE.

So lace up or just get comfortable and dive in.

Our CD, I Didn't Want to Do It, is also available to purchase. You can sample a track below.

"Something's Got A Hold On Me", from I Didn't Want To Do It
Macy Blackman and the Mighty Fines

Don't You Just Know It CD Cover

This record is the result of having five world class musicians developing their first love, New Orleans rhythm and blues, for six years, then putting the best of it on the CD. All of the Mighty Fines are accomplished musicians in the truest sense of the word - we have over 250 years of professional experience between us. But even though we could play bebop, symphonies, whatever, we turn our talents to the incredible music our generation grew up with, ROCK AND ROLL.

We ably demonstrate that this music can be played with as much attention to artistry and fineness as any music, and still entertain everyone. We don't play warhorses into the ground, either. Most of the songs here are somewhat obscure - the others are just so good that you don't get sick of them EVER! Happy listening!

Don't You Just Know It CD Cover

And you can still buy Macy Blackman and the Mighty Fines' second CD, Don't You Just Know It.

"The five musicians make up a mighty fine bunch for this spirited trip into the heart of New Orleans music and some of the stylistic branches it has spawned."

Lee Hildebrand
Contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle,
East Bay Express
, and Living Blues

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